Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Getting Used To It

Dear Readers, do you remember back in First Grade when on the first day of school you went into the cafeteria and you didn`t know where to sit, you didn`t know where to get your lunch? I know, scary. You`ve never been in the cafeteria with the big kids before. Last year, in Kindergarten, you were the only ones in the cafeteria, so you weren`t that scared. First Grade is a whole new thing for you. But when you get used to it, it sounds just like Kindergarten.


  1. Chase, truer words were never spoken! What a smart kid you are! <3 Mrs. Witherspoon

    Chase, thanks for making kindergarten a little less scary. I can't wait to be a big kid like you. <3 Morgan

  2. Chase,
    Wow, your post brought back a lot of memories for me. I remember being *so nervous* in the cafeteria. You know that my first day in the cafeteria EVER I didn't know how to go through the lunch line the correct way? It was pizza day -- and I didn't know what to do, so I got one of everything -- ended up with a few kinds of pizza and all the other stuff on my tray and when I got to the end of the line where you pay, the lunch lady had to take the extra stuff off my tray -- I was kind of embarrassed. But it was OK.
    Also, you know what? I am really glad you have figured out that it gets better, because the "new cafeteria" thing happened to me in high school and college too -- and even law school -- so you're a step ahead of the game, my sweet friend!
    LOVE YOU!!!!

  3. Chase

    I totally agree! I remember that feeling... and you know what, I sometimes still have that feeling. For example, I had to go to conference and I had to eat with people I had never met before. At first it was scary, but once I got up the courage to sit with and talk with the new people I was thrilled to have met new friends.

  4. Chase, I remember those days so very well. Just like Mandy, I used to get nervous about the cafeteria in every grade, including high school and college. I never wanted to eat alone. I STILL don't like to eat alone! And when I see people eating by themselves in restaurants, I am always tempted to invite them to sit with me.

  5. Chase, don't worry once you get to fourth grade you will be having fun at lunch and feeling like the king of the school. In the meantime just focus on eating your lunch and don't listen to the fourth and fifth graders.

    Your Friend, Tyler

  6. Not only do I remember this, but I remember exactly what the school was serving. Some sort of meat that I couldnt identify and tater tots. All those kids with home packed meals suddenly seemed like they knew something I didnt. They knew where to sit, and how it all worked. Why does everyone seem so much more comfortable than me in this situations?

  7. Chase,
    Sometimes when I'm waiting outside of your school for you to run out and hug me, I feel a little anxious because I'm not sure which parents to stand near or talk to. This post reminds me of that feeling. It's nice to talk about it.
    I love you,

  8. I remember being in 8th grade and feeling really nervous and lonely on the first day of lunch. My friend Mac from Art class was walking with me to lunch and he didn't have anyone to sit next to. We decided to sit next to each other and we ended up being great friends throughout highschool!

  9. I was a little scared when I tried Tae Kwon Do at first, but then I noticed that it got a little fun and then I liked it, and now I do it every single day.