Saturday, February 23, 2013

Many Different Topics

I am tired.
Not that,"Oh, yeah, Mom. I'm just too tired, I can't do the dishes" tired. I mean, like, staying up 'til 11 for two nights in a row, then spending five hours slipping down slides and doing cannonballs off of high dives and splashing the lifeguards and them telling you,"Hey kid, yeah, you! Quit runnin', you'll break your head."
I am tired.
But enough on that.
These past months have been a nightmare for Theo.
M&M&M&M&M (Meadow Mostly-Maniac-Maltipoo Melton) thinks Theo is some kind of chew toy that never, ever loses flavor. The only way to break up the fight is to pick M&M&M&M&M up, (wearing some kind of steel wool gloves) and give him some kind of delicacy, such as Tish's hair, or Amma's Baby Alive doll that will NEVER, EVER, EVER stop saying, "Heehee! I go peepee in my diapee! Mama, change pleeeeeeease!!!!" and/or "I wuuuvvv bananas!!!! More please!!!"
I really wouldn't mind if M&M&M&M&M chewed that thing up.
Love, Theo.
Chewww Tooyyy!!!
Love, M&M&M&M&M.
To Tish
Give me that!!!
Love, Amma.
Theo's not the only one who needs help!!!
Love, Tish.
Love, Romeo.


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Friends and St. Augustine

I have some great friends here in Florida now. Our school only has 234 kids enrolled in it, and it goes up to eighth grade, so you kind of get to know everyone in the school. (I have almost no friends outside of school.) On March 11th and 12th, our whole class will be taking an overnight field trip, (two days, one night) to St. Augustine. Now, don't freak out, but it's awesome. I came home giddy with excitement and I told my parents about the trip. I also told them one parent has to come. Immediately, Mom said, "DAD! HE'S GOING!!!" "But, Glennon..." "But, Craig... "Okay, fine." I smirked just a little so they culdn't see me. I guess I could see why they wouldn't want to go to St. Augustine with my whole class, but when my dad comes back from there with brand-new shades, a belly full of Cracker Barrel and a happy son, Dad will have his turn to smirk. I honestly think it'll be an awesome experience in St. Augustine. Oh, and just so you know, I am SO taking my camera so I can take pictures and my laptop to blog while I'm there. Well, who wouldn't? And now the girls are fighting about shoes and I have to pack for a sleepover, so, Ciao for now! -Chase

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I'm Back!!!!

Wow. I feel horrible. I haven't posted a post in-what, two years? Wow again.
It would be so complicated to try to fit everything that happened it the last two years into one tiny blog post. So I will just sum it all up.
Brace yourselves, readers; this is crazy.
Okay. We moved to Naples, Florida. We got a new maltipoo puppy that we named Meadow then Phoenix then Meadow then Phoenix then Meadow. (He drives Theo crazy, but more on that later.)
We enrolled in an amazing school in Naples half an hour away from our house;(So worth the drive, though.) I had my tenth birthday, Tish had hers, and now here we are. (Note: My next posts will DEFINITELY not be as boring as this one. The only reason this one is not that entertaining is it's the first one in what feels like centuries.Well, more coming soon, but I'd better get to bed.

 P.S. It kills me to say this, but sometimes them-as in, my sisters can be kind of cute.