Monday, August 8, 2011


Meet the canine love of my life.

My dream dog.
He might as well be the furriest,cutest,most lovable,most chill dog in the world.

The day we got him.The happiest day of my life.

February 16, 2010.

Our family does to this dog what would totally freak any other dog out.

The morning we brought him home. I wish I had a video.
I woke up to my light,followed by slobber all over my face,followed by a DOG!
I will never forget that moment of my life.

And I encourage you, readers, to get a dog, because they bring loads of joy and happiness and love into your family.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Today my grandfather and I went on a fishing trip.
We were out trying to catch my second favorite fish in general and my favorite fish to eat; Rockfish.
Some people also call them stripers because of the stripes running down their bellies.
We were having a great time until we came to a very choppy part of the bay in Maryland's water.
I got super seasick, obviously the title of this post.

But I didn't want to admit it. Everyone other than me was having a great time:
Chatting away, eating sandwiches, having fun screaming at the top of their lungs: FISH ON!!!
But then I realized how totally and fully completely dumb I was being not getting my bottom out of that chair and telling them that I was seasick and that if nobody got me a bucket or a bowl or anything to puke in that I was gonna jump right off of that boat and drown myself to death.

But, I was even dumber.

I held it in.

The guys didn't even find out until I actually did puke.

After I puked, Bubba said:
"Do" you want to go lie down in the cabin?"
"No." I replied.
He said it again.
"Are you sure?"
He said it one more time.
"Do you think you're gonna live?"
"Not at all."

So, I went down and I took a nap in the cabin.
After about half an hour, I woke up to the sound of waves crashing against the boat.
We had gone through the choppy wave place again.

Immediately, I puked again.

Bubba said:
"Hang in there, buddy. We're almost home."
That was defenitely a huge relief.
He hopped out of the cabin.
I heard some body scream:" LAND HO!!!!!!"

Well, after I heard that, I felt so happy that I felt Iike jumping out of the cabin's bed and doing a front flip out of the cabin and landing on the roof of the boat. But, right before I actually thought I might do a front flip out of the cabin and land on the roof of the boat, I realized that I was really sea sick and I lied down again.
After I lied down again, someone screamed my name. I had a big rockfish on my line!
I got out of bed and walked vvveeerrryyy ssslllooowwwlllyyy to my fishing rod and started reeling the big rockfish in.The rockfish fought really hard.It took all my strength to get it close. When it finally got close to the boat, Ross netted it and measured it."Thirty-four inches," he said.

I don't mean to brag, but thirty-four inches is two inches taller than Amanda. If you don't know who Amanda is, feel free to read my first post on my blog.


All in all,it was acually a pretty fun trip.

After all, I DID catch A HUGE ONE!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Singing in the Shower

I bet you know how boys are supposed to do separate things than girls are supposed to do. I do lots of things that girls are supposed to do. For instance, screaming so high-pitched that it shatters my mom's glass vase, sitting down when I have to pee, and singing in the shower. That's what I want to talk about right now. I sing in the shower as much as I breathe. Another thing that I do like a girl is I don’t just sing in the shower; I dance in the shower too. I love dancing. I was born to dance. Ask me any pop song: I know ‘em all.

Anyway, I think I sing in the shower hdhgtfggfdkfkrgj. I meant to say that I sing in the shower zfnhndfdxggdhdyctdc. TISH! My little sister, TISH did that. OOPS. TISH! She did it again, didn’t she.
Goobye for now , readers,