Saturday, January 29, 2011

Singing in the Shower

I bet you know how boys are supposed to do separate things than girls are supposed to do. I do lots of things that girls are supposed to do. For instance, screaming so high-pitched that it shatters my mom's glass vase, sitting down when I have to pee, and singing in the shower. That's what I want to talk about right now. I sing in the shower as much as I breathe. Another thing that I do like a girl is I don’t just sing in the shower; I dance in the shower too. I love dancing. I was born to dance. Ask me any pop song: I know ‘em all.

Anyway, I think I sing in the shower hdhgtfggfdkfkrgj. I meant to say that I sing in the shower zfnhndfdxggdhdyctdc. TISH! My little sister, TISH did that. OOPS. TISH! She did it again, didn’t she.
Goobye for now , readers,


  1. at least you don't pee in the shower.

    i was born to dance,too. dancing with you is my favorite.

    i love you.keep writing.


  2. Chase, I love that you dance and sing in the shower! I always wanted to be cool enough to dance and sing in the shower. (When I am feeling particularly good I do, but showering early in the morning makes that hard b/c I am not quite awake enough.)I hope you are dancing and singing when you are 102! And give your family, especially Mandy, big hugs for me.

  3. That is if I live to get that old! :-)

  4. I just stumbled upon this via your Auntie Mandy's blog. wow. Chase. You've got it, too. This made me giggle. I needed it today, a lot! So, thank you! You'll need to give some pointers to my son one day. He, too, has TWO sisters. They are already driving him bonkers!

    ps - I also was born to dance and sing in the shower. Unfortunately, I am usually sneaking a shower at nap time, so I have to be quiet.

    Have a great day,