Monday, August 8, 2011


Meet the canine love of my life.

My dream dog.
He might as well be the furriest,cutest,most lovable,most chill dog in the world.

The day we got him.The happiest day of my life.

February 16, 2010.

Our family does to this dog what would totally freak any other dog out.

The morning we brought him home. I wish I had a video.
I woke up to my light,followed by slobber all over my face,followed by a DOG!
I will never forget that moment of my life.

And I encourage you, readers, to get a dog, because they bring loads of joy and happiness and love into your family.



  1. Dogs are the best. I liked reading about how much you love yours. :)

  2. I am so glad you love your dog so much. How do you feel about cats? I have two cats named Firefly and Fiona. They bring a lot of love to my family.

  3. Chase,
    I have had several dogs that I have loved so so much. The hardest part about living in an apartment is that it is hard to find apartments that let you have dogs :-( I look at puppies online lots thinking about getting one when I can. I am so happy Theo is so wonderful!

  4. Dogs are just the best! It sounds like Theo is really, really special. I think Ethan and Abby would like a dog ... do you think it would have an Australian accent when it barked though?