Saturday, February 23, 2013

Many Different Topics

I am tired.
Not that,"Oh, yeah, Mom. I'm just too tired, I can't do the dishes" tired. I mean, like, staying up 'til 11 for two nights in a row, then spending five hours slipping down slides and doing cannonballs off of high dives and splashing the lifeguards and them telling you,"Hey kid, yeah, you! Quit runnin', you'll break your head."
I am tired.
But enough on that.
These past months have been a nightmare for Theo.
M&M&M&M&M (Meadow Mostly-Maniac-Maltipoo Melton) thinks Theo is some kind of chew toy that never, ever loses flavor. The only way to break up the fight is to pick M&M&M&M&M up, (wearing some kind of steel wool gloves) and give him some kind of delicacy, such as Tish's hair, or Amma's Baby Alive doll that will NEVER, EVER, EVER stop saying, "Heehee! I go peepee in my diapee! Mama, change pleeeeeeease!!!!" and/or "I wuuuvvv bananas!!!! More please!!!"
I really wouldn't mind if M&M&M&M&M chewed that thing up.
Love, Theo.
Chewww Tooyyy!!!
Love, M&M&M&M&M.
To Tish
Give me that!!!
Love, Amma.
Theo's not the only one who needs help!!!
Love, Tish.
Love, Romeo.



  1. I was hoping you'd be so tired that you'd be in bed by now:-)

    Oh Meadow, what are we going to do with you? Maybe we could give Theo a buzz cut so that Meadow can't chew on his long ear hair or tail? Or maybe we could put a muzzle on Meadow like they do with those racing dogs? :-) Either way Theo needs a break. I know! Let's send Theo out to one of those expensive doggy spas where he can get a pedicure, manicure, doggy bath and massage and some rest and relaxation, and maybe some doggie breath mints. Just kidding Theo, I love you!!!

  2. It would have to be a private dog spa, because it would not be very peaceful to send him to a spa with tons of other dogs. He'd get kicked out!!!!

  3. Bubba says:
    Your writing in this post reminds me of Mark Twain!
    Tisha says;
    You are very funny. I have already bought steel wool gloves for my next visit. Please get to sleep early tonight!